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  1. RT @Sethical_: Yung Cash Register only got one song from 2017 and still shit on every rapper in 2018

  2. @Peterpandam "hurr durr i was just pretending"

  3. RT @realDonaldTrump: Lowest rated Oscars in HISTORY. Problem is, we don’t have Stars anymore - except your President (just kidding, of cour…

  4. @bobbyrobertspdx The sequels are objectively awful and this is a fact.

  5. @Dzejdzejkab @ValveTime @ValveNewsNetwor @virtuspro @dvoryrom cry me a river

  6. @baladec_ @ESLDota2 Triggered?

  7. @lorriegeek @barlasmdjr @rianjohnson Do you realize how incomprehensibly dumb this sounds?

  8. RT @CyberpunkGame: *beep*

  9. RT @bennyrich11: @jbouie The prequels are as good or better than the original 3. For some reason it become the cool thing to declare the pr…

  10. RT @levitatingWolf: @betaciao @KyleMyers95 @sparkie237 @rianjohnson No one gave a damn about cinema score until it was the only place to fi…

  11. @rianjohnson https://t.co/kDo8qNrPHD

  12. @lawrencebrenner @JoshuaYehl Not really, Abrams is directing 9.

  13. @Twitch Please revert OSfrog

  14. RT @Timadota: yo guys i meet this really cute lady, any tips? https://t.co/8Kh7ZPkWjf

  15. RT @AdmiralBulldog: Why would Twitch chat insult me by calling me "Washed up," when I would NEVER call them "cucks and virgins?" Oh well, I…

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