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  1. The back lever✖️➕✖️ exercise is an advanced street workout move and requires a very strong core… https://t.co/W5ucrjuf16

  2. People make rules to control and maintain order. But people also make rules to keep others… https://t.co/qRY8XOCiKU

  3. Bench Press last rep 160Kg*3 #benchpress #powerlifting #aesthetic @ Evolution Gym Legion https://t.co/HWNu5xur9I

  4. Iron hearts ✖️➕✖️ Just destroyed a full body workout in crazy heat. What are you training today?… https://t.co/gBIyn7nBOo

  5. ✖️➕✖️Calmness @ Didim Sensation Beach Club https://t.co/LlrzcUI7SE

  6. Eye of poverty? ?ulas_maden @ The Power House Gym https://t.co/3xpG5DTOcY

  7. Time is an illusion , a tool for humans to function in the modern world. Make time to do the… https://t.co/EHEON2lvZK

  8. Lost boy is back #DIDIM ✖️➕✖️ #holiday @ Tren Beach Club Didim https://t.co/GBYEvDb4L7

  9. Bulk vs. Shredded Form✖️➕✖️ @ The Power House Gym https://t.co/nHHW8KhyiO

  10. #aesthetic @ Didim https://t.co/GVlarqlFQ8

  11. Not Now Not Enough✖️➕✖️ @ Yenihisar, Aydin, Turkey https://t.co/8uX5zf4FyN

  12. This is where the everything begin #childhood @ Nicosia, Cyprus https://t.co/oFwLy1SF2h

  13. https://t.co/DqqzV3xsBP

  14. İ https://t.co/DqqzV3xsBP

  15. Live for what you love.... to love why you live ✖️➕✖️ @ Baku, Azerbaijan https://t.co/gLJmgifpR1

  16. https://t.co/DqqzV3xsBP

  17. Or destroy you ? - #gym #fear #gymmotivation #destroy @ Destiny https://t.co/FFhGFcbGNP

  18. Hittin✖️➕✖️ @ Evolution Fitness Baku https://t.co/lKx9oxDktx

  19. https://t.co/DqqzV3xsBP

  20. I'm at Eleven Restaurant & Lounge in Baku https://t.co/RCrxAAeDQ5

  21. https://t.co/DqqzV3xsBP

  22. https://t.co/DqqzV3xsBP

  23. https://t.co/DqqzV3xsBP

  24. https://t.co/DqqzV3xsBP

  25. Azerbaycan 28 Mall #Türkiye https://t.co/CY7iQBFWe2

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