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  1. RT @autumn13_: He loves the bath so much https://t.co/mPlhyVeThX

  2. @iknowplacesmp3 2015 was the best year

  3. RT @iknowplacesmp3: AND! Taylor herself literally said "I'm never gonna forget what you did. That you stood up for me when my hands were ti…

  4. It's good that there's an option to buy tickets for tour on Camila's website. that way it'll maybe drive more sales… https://t.co/49GVSbMg5R

  5. @iknowplacesmp3 I knew she smokes but I just forget that fact. I hate smoking.

  6. RT @swiftswriting: Taylor is donating money made from her card sales ?? she really is an angel https://t.co/93e9AgXXRB

  7. @IKTayWT In Hebrew Kar-li means ' I'm cold' it's 2 words. Kar means cold and Li means 'to me' so whenever I see Kar… https://t.co/jtUlwUlvTZ

  8. RT @ilytaylornation: taylor loves us so much im sobbing https://t.co/6eDnVjRhsB

  9. RT @TSwiftNZ: RT to vote #LookWhatYouMadeMeDo for #BestLyrics at the 2018 #iHeartAwards ? https://t.co/yF18u2qBX2

  10. Does it mean we'll be getting IDSB MV???!!! https://t.co/Ibg2JLyoIt

  11. RT @teatimetay13: I designed some reputation tour outfits today and I'm not sure how to feel but I like some of them https://t.co/e5eDJPHaGE

  12. RT @captnbrincrunch: PLEASE SWIFTSEND OR RESHARE my post on the SwiftSend Feed. I truly hope @taylorswift13 notices me one day! TSL= ITSBRI…

  13. @LaurenLipman Lauren, did you see this story? this is so scary: https://t.co/CDfbrghyeb

  14. RT @redlippedswift: i personally don’t feel like we as humans deserved this https://t.co/Z7qAcK3E7v

  15. RT @AfricanParks: Thank you @TaylorSwift13 for your very generous donation to @AfricanParks on #WorldElephantDay

  16. @moonlight_swift Ugh. ew *except Camila https://t.co/ltWS397jUR

  17. @moonlight_swift What? who dares to say anything bad about NYD??? they should unstan right now!

  18. @HuffleBoy @nicole_facee True. It also fits very well to them to 'justify' their stereotypes they have about Taylor… https://t.co/9xnrW1kcT7

  19. RT @HuffleBoy: *2 Trump-related tweets on TSL* Media: https://t.co/trmWLJPnzv

  20. Fuck yeah! https://t.co/PvglOyaFml

  21. @_GuySwiftie13 @1942bs They are SO butthurt by the fact that Taylor is successful they have to tear her or us (the fans) apart.

  22. @LaurenLipman The 1989 tour was magical https://t.co/TcQbFr4YjN

  23. @LaurenLipman Aaww thank you. i'm not religious either, and that's why I see it from a fun prospective rather than… https://t.co/GvwzOKvFy0

  24. @Sstateoftay Oh man, that makes me fear about ts7. If there'll be another ts album. Damn' I hope Rep. WILL NOT BE HER LAST ALBUM!!

  25. RT @billykidd925: Cleaning out an office drawer and found this pic of @taylorswift13 from WBEE's Guitars and Stars concert. Think she was m…

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