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  1. They are our heros who became the great leaders in history and now they are leading our army to win the great wars in Little3Kingdoms Genarally, the hallmark which every player notice is the gorgeous graphics. With the 2D artwork, Little3Kingdoms created various looking-well characters who are from the famous Chiness history. There are 6 heros and units who fitted weapons and awesome skills. This game gives you the music and the colorful background which are in harmony together. This is a 2D real-time strategy game that is mostly based on pure strategy – deciding when to deploy your troops and what kind of troops will best handle the enemy attack. I love the side scrolling tower defense of 2 factions.They're awsome! You start with soldiers, progressing to more powerful warrior types such as Spearmen and Longbow men and men on horses, as you earn stars and coins until you combat through opponent troops and finally destroy their own shelter. After a level, you earn coins which use for upgrading your troops and heros. The faster you play, the more coins you earn! With Little 3 Kingdoms version 1.1, get update now guys!. What's new in this version: - Update main menu with new effects graphics* - Player can replay level that player played.* - User can go to shop from end-level menu* - Bought Coins from IPA now can be used for different saved slots and the remains is not deleted when user delete saved slots* - Support iPad iOS 3.2* - Support mutiltasking* - Fix minor bugs Links: - Lets become our fan on Facebook:*Little3Kingdoms | Facebook - Follow us on Twitter:*https://twitter.com/Little3Kingdoms - Check the Trailer & Walkthrough on : AsNet Game's channel - YouTube iTunes Link:*https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/little-3-kingdoms/id520409628?mt=8 Let's join this game and feel how much you like castle defense games!
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