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unknown imei-no wifi-no bluetooth-unknown icdd hata çözümü ama ingilizce

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[solution] IMEI: Unknown | ICCID: Unknown | No WiFi | etc...

Before starting:

Be sure you have the same problem as I had. I had "IMEI unknown" and Not "IMEI 0049...."

I had a new iPhone with 1.1.1 crashed after first try to activate with touchfree


My iPhone was bricked, but it's working again. In some other Threads are some info's how you can unlock

your iPhone also with the terminal. If you want to unlock it also, be sure to copy the needed Apps before

updating to FW 1.1.1. BC iBrickr is not working with this FW.

My iPhone

- Bricked 1.1.1


- IMEI: Unknown

- ICCID: Unknown

- Repair needed

- No Audio

- No WiFi

What I have done, to get this status

- Jailbreak

- touchfree breakdown while using

- use touchfree alpha and also breakdown

Possible Rootcause

- Mobile-Firmware corrupt

What did I use to fix it

All needed things here (w/o FW 1.0.2 -> get with iTunes): hXXp://rap1d5hare.com/files/65099379/Lettys-Fix-Selection.rar.html

- Pacay

- APPTappInstaller.exe

- iBrickr_0.91

- BSD Subsystem (with iBrickr)

- UIctl (with iBrickr)

- Mobile Terminal VT100 (with iBrickr)

- ieraser

- bbupdater

- secpack

- ICE03.14.08_G.eep

- ICE03.14.08.fls

What I have done to fix this status

0) If your iPhone does not have FW 1.0.2 -> flash it to FW 1.0.2 (Yellow triangle on your iPhone)

0.1) Remove your SIM!!!

0.2) Only if your Phone is locked use PACAY zu activate it

0.3) If you have FW 1.0.2 and Yellow triangle on your iPhone goto Step 1.)

0.4) If you have 1.0.2 but not yellow triangel press ON/OFF-Button and Home Button. After 10 sec.

release ON/OFF-Button. After 15 sec. release Home-Button. Connect to iTunes. Click away all massages.

Your iPhone-Disply should be black. If your Display is not Black goto 0.4) again

0.5) Close iTunes and all iTunes-processes

1.) Run AppTappInstaller.exe

1.1) Running will be failed first time. close AppTappInstaller

1.2) Connect to iTunes. If Error-Message apperars close iTunes and all processes again.

1.3) Run AppTappInstaller again. If success goto 2.) else to 1.)

2.) Start "(CLICK HERE) activate.bat" (from downloaded PACAY)

2.1) Follow all instructions and also the reboot

2.2) Now you have an activated 1.0.2 iPhone goto 3.). if not start with 0.) again

3.) Start iBrickr and select Applications and follow ALL the instructions to install Apps

3.1) Install the following Apps: BSD Subsystem, UIctl, Mobile Terminal VT100

3.2) Be sure the Apps are installes. After that you should see the Terminal- and UIctl-Icon

3.3) Install with iBrickr-Files-Upload-Fuction the following files in "/usr/bin/"

ieraser, bbupdater, secpack, eep-file and fls-file -> goto 4.)

4.) Tap the Terminal-App on the iPhone and input the following commands

cd /usr/bin

chmod +x *.*

4.1) Press home-Button and start Uctl (Do only the steps here descriped!!!!)

4.2) Tap on com.apple.CommCenter -> tap "unload -w"

4.3) Tap on com.apple.mobile.lockdown -> tap on "stop"

4.4) Press Home-button and start Terminal again

4.5) Type following commands

cd /usr/bin

./ieraser (-> iphone does something, read the results)

cd /usr/bin

./bbupdater -f *.fls -e *.eep -> firmware is flashed

4.6) If you want to unlocking with apps and Terminal, do it know. Info's in other Threads!!!

5.) If everthing was quitted with O.K. (Read the results!) press ON/OFF-Button and Home-Button.

After 10 sec. release ON/OFF-Button. After 15sec release Home-Button

5.1) Connect to iTunes. Hold Shift-Key down and press on restore -> flash FW 1.1.1 to your iPhone

Finished!!! :

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vardır üsad elbet bir yolu ama biz şuan bilmiyoruz

bende de aynı prblemde 3gs var

umutla arıyorum

telefon sürekli reset atıyor

dostum aynı sorunla bende karşılaşmıştım devamlı reset atıyordu power ve home tuşuna devamlı basılı tutup komple kapanıp tekrar açılınca elma resmi gelince tekrar power tuşu ve home tuşuna basılı tutunca komple cihaz kapanıyor ve reset atma duruyor sonra dfu mode alıp restore yaptım düzeldi ama senin sorunun benim karşılaştığım sorunla aynımı bilmiyorum

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