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purple handbags

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5) The authentic Coach hardware is stamped with the word ‘Coach' with an outline, the word is boxed in. On the counterfeits there is either no stamped at all, or if it is stamped it is not boxed in. If it is boxed in, the word ‘Coach' will appear taller than the authentic stamp. But again, the Coach emblem is always stamped on every piece of hardware, and buttons bear the ‘Coach*Est.1941?. If the bag or accessory has any ‘O-Rings' they will be continuous circles, and they are made very well, you will not be able to tell where the break in the circle is because they are welded very well and they also do not spin. For key hook straps it will have the same color & the same size as the O-Ring. The fake bags O-Rings always spin & you can see the opening, not to mention it is usually plated to look like brass, where as the real bag is made of actual brass or heavy duty metal.

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